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July 26th. - Comedy Fish Fry at the Afton House  

Tim Cavanagh • Scott Hansen • Pete Borchers



Aug. 16th. Cruise

Fancy Ray McCloney

June 14th. Cruise

Jeff Gerbino

Sept. 6th Cruise

Tim Bedore


July 12th. Cruise

Tim Walkoe


Friday • June 14th


As Seen On: HBO • A&E • CBS

  Jeff Gerbino is the only double winner of the nationally recognized Twin Cities Laff-Off. He was also the first runner-up in the Los Angeles Professional Comedian Contest that was hosted by Jay Leno Jeff has proven that he can get laughs anywhere and anytime.

  With global concert appearances, national television credits and appearances on Good Morning America, A&E  and Comedy Central.In the late 1970's  Jeff Gerbino moved from his boyhood home in Long Island, New York to Minneapolis, MN. The reason for the move was common among young men of the '70's: love of a woman. He also had a love for comedy. He could hardly predict that his new home would provide for both.

  When a small bar in Nordeast Minneapolis advertised a comedy contest, Jeff was the first to sign up for the event. When the event was over he convinced the bar owner to let him do weekly shows in the blue collar room. Jeff got on the phone to the contestants and organized shows. He got the owner to place small ads in tabloids. He contacted media which garnered interest in the shows. Jeff hosted the first few shows with the fellow contestants struggling to fill the time of a full show.

  Minnesota served as fertile ground for the Jeff Gerbino. Between trips to visit his fiancée in Melrose, Minnesota and various day jobs, Jeff Gerbino straddled careers and his art at a time when comedy was just a glow in a few young comedians eyes. With a $1 cover charge, and a hand drawn logo, Jeff championed the newborn comedy industry with a handful of smart-alecs that included Louie Anderson, Scott Hansen and a blue collar bar named Mickey Finns.The St. Paul Pioneer Press called Jeff the "founding father" of the Twin Cities comedy scene as Mickey Finn's quickly became "the place to be" on Friday and Saturday nights.

  In the 1980's, after developing his trademark combination of political impersonations and current event material, Jeff headed to Los Angeles. Jeff was a finalist in the Los Angeles Comedy Contest hosted by Jay Leno and was chosen as one of Hollywood's hottest new comedy stars by the L.A. Weekly. Jeff quickly became a nationally touring headliner at clubs all over the US. He made numerous appearances on national TV including CBS Morning Show, HBO's Comic Relief, A&E's Comedy On The Road and PBS's Almanac.

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