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May 18th.  - Laff Preservers

June 15th. - Tim Cavanagh

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July 13th. - Fancy Ray

Aug 17th. - Jeff Gerbino

Sept. 7th -Tim Bedore



Friday • May 18th


Rox Tarrant  •  Jason Schommer  • Jodie Maruska  • Karen Pickering

  The Laff Boat kicks off the comedy season with a big laugh wave! Join 4 of Minnesota's funniest stand up comedians Rox Tarrant, Jason Schommer, Karen Pickering and Jodie Maruska! Four comedians that guarantee to keep your funny bone afloat!

  Rox Tarrant has been making audiences laugh for 10 years. The producer of more than 500 shows — including the acclaimed “Women Out All Night” series — she knew from the time she was a young girl that she wanted to be a comedian when she grew up. On stage, she often shares her stories on being “carb-challenged.” She recently told an audience, “Did you know that 60 percent of Americans are overweight? Do you know what that says to me? We're winning! We are ahead of the game!”

  Jason Schommer has spent the past two years as the opening act for Louie Anderson.  Louie says “Jason is funny, clever, smart, and on his way to the big time!”.  His laugh-until-you-cry stories combine with playful one-liners covering a wide array of topics ranging from the daily struggles of life to his loveable, yet kooky, Minnesotan family. Jason began his adventures in standup comedy while working for The Rosie O'Donnell Show . Jason has quickly become an audience favorite.

  Jodie Maruska has been performing standup for over 20 years. She got into improv first, but after attending an open stage, she decided to have a go at standup. “I absolutely fell in love,” she recalls, “and I killed. The next time I bombed, of course.” She eventually wound up doing it full-time. Lately she's been performing more, and plans to submit to several comedy festivals. I love performing and I'm not right if I don't get onstage at some point during the week.

  Karen Pickering is a comedy veteran with credits from “The Comedy Gallery”, “Belly Laffs”, “Acme Comedy Club”, “The Joke Joint” and “Bob's Comedy Bunker”. Karen has a unique comedy style that stirs laughter from the comedy audience. She's a little wacky, a little off-beat, a little acerbic and a lot funny!

The Laff Boat

Afton Hudson Cruise Line

Boards in Hudson or Afton

Depart 6:30PM - Return 8:45PM

Cruise, Italian Dinner Buffet, Comedy • $58.95 plus tax.

Call: 651-436-8883